Peshawar Stamp Society, Pakistan

aka Pakistan Philatelic Circle


Welcome to the dedicated endeavor undertaken by a passionate group of individuals who have turned their dream into reality through unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence.

The Peshawar Stamp Society's mission extends far beyond the surface of collecting postage stamps; it delves into the rich world of philately, where each stamp tells a story, carries historical significance, and embodies the artistry of various cultures. Our aim is to elevate philately in Pakistan to both national and international prominence.

To accomplish this ambitious mission, we recognize the need to harness a multitude of resources to ignite the spark of philately within enthusiasts of all ages, including our vibrant youth. We endeavor to introduce cutting-edge and contemporary methodologies in stamp collecting through educational initiatives. Additionally, we proudly host a diverse array of exhibitions, ranging from small-scale local showcases to grand international events. These exhibitions not only provide a platform for collectors to display their treasures but also serve as an educational tool, bridging the generations and nurturing a deep appreciation for philately, especially among our youth.

Our achievements thus far have been a testament to our unwavering dedication. We have successfully inspired countless collectors, both seasoned and novice, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among philatelists. However, our journey is far from over, and we eagerly welcome the philatelic community to join us in this noble endeavor. Your invaluable support, guidance, and suggestions are instrumental in not only boosting our morale but also providing the strength needed to fulfill our dream of spreading the love for philately far and wide. Together, we can continue to enrich the world with the beauty and history encapsulated within each postage stamp.

National Virtual Stamp Show

Societys' 1st National Virtual Stamp Show

Commemorating  Pakistan Resolution Day

1940-2024 (84 Years)

Promotion of Philately among Stamp Collectors

The Exhibition will be held under the Patronage of the "Philatelic Federation of Pakistan". Therefore the results of the Exhibition can be used for qualifying for International Exhibitions. 

Pakistan first provisional overprint set KGVI, Nasik print

USA Song Birds (Forever) block of 10 Songbird designs  - Issued on April 5, 2014, 

Dallas, TX, PSA booklet of 20

BAHRAIN - Airmail to New Zealand via B.O.A.C to Auckland to Francisco, USA via PAN AM CLIPPER FAM 19 

(operated July 1940 - Dec 1941). BAHRAIN Scott # 23, 32 & 33 very rare on cover. 

Calcutta censor mark/tape. CASOC was Standard Oil Subsidiary with refinery in Bahrain

Asia's first stamp from Sinde, Pakistan (formerly British India)

Issue date: 1 July 1852 

Scinde Dawk was a very old postal system of runners that served the Indus Valley of Sindh, an area of present-day Pakistan.  The term also refers to the first adhesive postage stamps in Asia, the forerunners of the adhesive stamps used throughout India, Burma, the Straits Settlements and other areas controlled by the British East India Company. The name derives from the words "Scinde", the British spelling of the name of the province of Sindh, and "Dawk", the anglicised spelling of the Urdu & Hindi word "Dak" or Post.  

Stamps were required for the prepayment of postage, a basic feature of the new system. These stamps, first issued on 1 July 1852, bore the Merchants' Mark of the British East India Company in a design embossed on wafers of red sealing wax impressed on paper. Because they cracked and disintegrated, they were soon replaced by a colourless design embossed on white paper which was hard to see in a dim light. The last stamps were a blue embossing on white paper. All of these had a value of only one-half anna each, but today they rank among the rare classics of philately. 

source: wikipedia.org

Kashmir Postal Cover

India stamped envelope 1/2 Anna Blue (1871) Cancelled SIALKOT  Mar 21, 1887

J&K 1/2 Anna Red on black pen and stamped killer circle post stamps in Hindi 

 receiving GUJRANWALA 2nd DELY Mar 21, 1887 in black on front

Muhammad Nawaz Siddiqui, Chairman, Peshawar Stamp Society

President & Member of the Executive Board 2010-2011, Philatelic Federation of Pakistan,  Phone +92  91-321-904-2484,