Pak 2000 Issues

Stamps 2000

    2000, March 12

    S.O.S. Children's Villages of Pakistan.

    2r Child on Adult's Shoulders.

Established in 1977 at Lahore with a single project,

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan has grown into a network of 22 projects

on the eve of its 25th Anniversary this year. Unlike traditional orphanages they 

provide homes for orphans and abandoned children on the basis of family life 

consisting of mother, brothers, sisters a home and a village. 

This unique approach has proved so successful that SOS has emerged as the 

largest welfare organization of its kind in the world.


     2000, April 14

     Centenary of International Cycling Union

      2r Cyclists and emblem

      Union Cycliste Internationale was founded on April 14 1900 by seven men. The first UCI                 Congress took place in Paris on 11th August 1900. Since the beginning of this century Cycling and UCI have grown at a            constant and equal rate, going through all the necessary stages of technical and structural evolution. Today UCI is one             of the biggest sports federation in the world.