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This is an effort put up by a group of individuals that had a dream and have realized it thru their un-daunting excellence and dedication to the cause.

The objects of the Peshawar Stamp Society are to promote the philately in Pakistan  on National and international level. For that purpose we have to mobilize all means of resources to achieve the promotion of philately among youth and all ages stamp collectors for that purpose we have to introduce new and modern methodology of stamp collecting through education and host a all level small and grand exhibitions on National and International level. It will help to promote philately in all level collectors, specially in youth generation. 

In order to achieve our aim we welcome the philatelic brethren to lend their support in every possible manner.  Their guidance and suggestions will help us to boost our moral and provide required strength to fulfill our dream. 


                      Peshawar 1957             


Peshawar 1967


        Clock Tower, Peshawar 2007


Article 1 >>> Pakistan - Local Overprints

Article 2 >>> Pakistan & Bangladesh Local Overprints

Article 3 >>> Kashmir Stamps

Article 5 >>> The Tughra of Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-76) 

Article 6 >>>  History of Pakistan Postage Stamps, BY: A. I. Siddiqi




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