26th Anniversary

26th anniversary




Report by

Muhammad Tariq Khattak, President


The Anniversary celebration began with the recitation of Holy Quran recitation of Holy Quran, after recitation the meeting was properly started in which important society’s achievement and the different problems faced by stamp collector in different parts of the Province was discussed. Society's monthly meeting for the month of Sep 2013 was held under the supervision of Society’s Chairman Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Siddiqi.

This was followed by the A.G.M and during the tea interval, the Society was presented with a special 26th Anniversary cake, the Society’s Chairman Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Siddiqi cut the Society’s Anniversary cake, all society members applauded the situation. On this occasion Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Siddiqi give a brief detail about the history and performance of Peshawar Stamp Society throughout the time. All the members take great interest in it. Mr. Azhar Iqbal specially came Mr. Azhar Iqbal specially came from Lahore to participate in the meeting.

During the meeting Society's member dicussed about their philatelic interests, collections of differenct coutnries, specially, Pakistan, Bangladesh,

Afghanistan, Iran, India, Middle East, Europe, United States, and some thematic collections like personalities, events.

Peshawar Stamp Society meeting was held at Society's President house located at Umeedabad No.2, Peshawar, Khyber. On this occasion members of the Kyber Philatelic Association, 

Peshawar participated in particular.