Pak 1998 Issues

Stamps 1998

                Value: Rs:2.00

Date of Issue (February 15, 1998) 

Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib is regarded as the greatest South Asian poet of Urdu - a language which is widely used and understood in the entire region. He has attracted widespread attention of the common readers of Urdu. No other  Urdu poet dominates the literary scene in the same way and lives in the hearts and minds of people as Ghalib. 

Value: Rs:7.00  Armed Forces personnel and flag of Pakistan

Date of Issue (March 23,1998)

Pakistan Armed Forces have emerged as highly professional, motivated and a great stabilizing factor in the region. The last fifty years have witnessed a significant modernization of all branches of  Pakistan Armed Force.

Value: Rs:7.00

Value: Rs:7.00  Games emblem and sports emblems

Value: Rs:7.00 Plant

Value:  Rs:5 Arms and scroll blue background

Rs:2 Arms and scroll green background

Value:  Rs:5 College building

Value:  Rs:7 Eye seen through lens, butterfly and cross-section of eye

Value:  Rs:15 Portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Stamp & Miniature sheet

Value:  Rs:5 Portrait, emblems and book

Value:  Rs:6 "50" and Stamps

Value:  Rs:6 Woman and F.A.O. Emblem

Value:  Rs:2 Dr. Abdus Salam, Nobel laureate in physics

Value:  Rs:2 People

            Rs:2 Satellite dish

            Rs:2 Combine harvester

            Rs:2 Golden picture

Rs:6 Globe and anniversary emblem

Rs:2 Clean water for all

Rs:2 Educate the girl child

Rs:2 No more polio

Rs:2 Eliminate iodine deficiency disorders

Rs:5 Part of globe and U.N.E.S.C.O. emblem

Rs:2 Marchers and map of Pakistan

Date of Issue (December 16, 1998)

The National Flag March was the culmination of  number of rallies organized to instill a fresh breath into the life of vibrant nation of Pakistan. The march covering a distance of 1350 Kilometers and passing through 50 districts of the country terminated at Chagi in Baluchisatn - the birthplace of  Pakistan nuclear device and symbol of long march towards progress, prosperity and self reliance.