The society offers fellow philatelists following types of membership.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP (Annual Fee Pak Rs.250.00, US $25.00)

Open to all philatelists of and above the age of 18 years.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP (Fee Pak Rs. 2,500.00, US $ 250.00)

Open to all philatelists, subject to the approval by the executive board of the socieyt.


Offered to anyone who has rendered valuable services to the cause of philately, one shouldn't be a philatelist to qualify for this class of membership.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP (Annual Fee Pak Rs. 100.00, US $ 10.00)

Open to the upcoming collectors in the age group of 12-18 years of age.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Annual Fee Pak Rs. 1,000.00, US $ 100.00)

Available to the stamp clubs, philatelic societies and philatelic trade, however, this membership is also subject to the approval of the executive of the PSS.


Every month a fortnightly meeting is arranged by the society, in which all members are invited to take part, however, non-members are also welcomed. During the meeting deliberations are held on the various aspects of philately. Most prominent of them are-:

- Discussion on how to promote philately

- Forthcoming exhibitions and assisting would be exhibitors

- Preparation of suggestions to be forwarded to the Pakistan Post Office regarding the new issues.

In addition to this fortnightly meeting the society also hosts two semi annual meetings and one Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. During the AGM the policy matters are presented for general debate. The decisions supported by two third (2/3) members are enacted. A qourum of 70% of the total membership is essential to take up any matter for debate.


Society offers a standing order service for its members in order to acquire all the new issues and other philatelic material issued by Pakistan Post Office at face value. A mini stamp market is also arranged by the society in its meetings, in which the participants can buy or sell or exchange their philatelic material.


A bi-monthly magazine ā€TheStampCollectorā€ is published by the society, contributions by members as well as non members are duly acknowledged.

Peshawar 1957