Peshpex 1993


A commemorative postcard marking a philatelic exhibition was issued. The logo of PESHPEX 93 was printed in magenta, on the Population Week postcard listed above.

Date of Issue: January 20, 1993

Denomination: 45p

Graphic Arrow air letter was superimposed with the logo of PESHPEX 93 in magenta, below air mail label.

Date of Issue: January 20, 1993

Denomination: Rs. 5/- blue, red and magenta on light blue

Logo of PESHPEX 93, on regular envelopes, on the occasion of philatelic exhibition held at Peshawar.

Date of Issue: January 20, 1993

Size of logo: 24.00 x 22.50 mm

Distance from impression: 84.00 mm

Denomination: Re. 1/- magenta on light blue

Quantity printed: 8,500

Booklet, for a stamp exhibition in Peshawar, was sold through the philatelic bureau across the country. 3 values from the fort definitive issue were used and 18 stamps each were printed. The price was Rs. 30/-, Rs. 3/- more than the value inside. There was no watermark and perforation was 11C. Both PVA and Gum Arabica were used.

Date of Issue: January 20, 1993

Denomination: Rs. 30/-

Quantity: 8,500

Pakistan Post issued 4 post marks on Peshawar Stamp Exhibition.

January 21, 1993 - "Inaugural Day"

January 22, 1993 - "Peshawar Stamp Society Day"

January 23, 1993 - "Pakistan Postal Services Corporation Day"

January 24, 1993 - "Award Day"